Dream Wedding Venues Part Three: Gwel an Mor

Saturday, February 27, 2016

So here I am, the conclusive post to my mini-series of dream wedding venues in Cornwall. This venue is pretty much the cherry on top of the bake well tart.

Gwel an Mor is a venue that I never heard or read about until I signed up to UKBrides sometime in the summer of last year and randomly got a wedding brochure through the post - it's part of being a free member on there, you can set it so that you get sent out brochures from vendors in your area.

The Yurt's really captures the spirit of an intimate ceremony at Gwel an Mor

When I showed my fiancé over Skype about it, he was put off by it because he's one of those guys that once you have a dream setting (the beach theme) he likes to stick to it and isn't keen on venturing far from it, but during his visit over at Christmas we poured over the brochure and intricately researched everything possible on the internet about it: what sort of ceremonies do they cater, do they have any packages that suit our budget, what's the accommodation like and is it a place that sparkles with magic? Looking into all these things, our hearts scream yes. The only thing about it is that it's quite a drive from where I live compared to the last two venues I posted about, which might prove difficult getting guests to and from.

We're not going to jump straight in and book it without touring it or staying there first, but everything we've seen ... - minus the beach theme (although there is a beach 5 minutes away that we can have our perfectly timed sunset photographs at)  - it's ticking all of the right boxes - especially when we LOOOOOOVE rustic weddings. Cough, okay maybe I love them just a little bit more than he does, he still adores them. Seriously, most of the wedding IGs I follow? RUSTIC. Most of the stuff I have pinned .........yep, RUSTIC.

Photography courtesy of Gwel an Mor.

Their wedding packages, as of February 2016 aren't too bad either. If you are like us, and aren't planning on having over 50 people at your wedding you can get use of the event barn and yurt, as well as three night's stay for the bride and groom, with a three course wedding breakfast and your very own wedding planner all for under £8.2k. Of course, those prices increase the more guests you have - their priciest wedding package listed only costing £12,174 for 100 guests. You may be thinking that's a lot of money, but considering other venues we've looked at - many charge at least £6k for venue hire and the menu per-person without a wedding planner to help make your day go as smoothly as possible. If you're the opposite of me and adore winter weddings - they even let you have one of their reindeer featured in your wedding photographs!

5* VIP Lodge. Photography courtesy of Gwel an Mor

Not only did we fall in love with the look of their venue, the accommodation available is absolutely gorgeous. As I have Norwegian heritage and my fiancé is Dutch, we adore the Scandinavian inspired architecture. They have a range of various lodges from their VIP lodges to their disable friendly lodges, there seems to be something for everyone, you can even bring the beloved family pet - although I don't think our indoor cats will be coming along as getting them into their cat boxes are more traumatic than it's worth haha!

Going back to the wedding venue itself, it's clear that this is a venue that has captured our hearts and souls completely and that is why it's grabbed the top spot in this mini series. And we're planning to have a mini-getaway sometime in the year to really capture the spirit of this gorgeous little resort.

Well then, I hope you've enjoyed this feature of posts as much as I have enjoyed writing them. All photographs used in this last instalment of the series belong to Gwel an Mor ! If you liked these sort of posts regarding wedding inspiration, please let me know in the comments :)

Happy Wedding planning / pinning fellow brides! 

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