[S] @ProActiv+ Deluxe Core Kit: The Before

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Recently I was given the opportunity to review ProActiv+'s new 3 step system. This is part one of my product review where I will document how my current skin condition is before I start the 8-10 week course of their deluxe kit.

I'm pretty sure many of you have heard of ProActiv+ and in case you haven't - you should really check them out. They have over 20 million customers globally, and their skin care range is designed to specifically help you give the skin you deserve and want to have.

As someone who has naturally sensitive skin and finds it difficult to control - I'm excited to share this journey with my readers. Below you can see a normal photograph of me, one without any make up whatsoever and my hair just thrown up into a super messy bun. This is what I look like on a daily basis - when I do happen to get out of the house (which I usually don't because I feel hideous) - I look like this unless I actually bother to drag the tiny draw of make up I have out and put on some.

As you can see this is me, naturally
I have quite naturally red skin and if you can notice, my chin tends to have a lot of blemish scars (usually from me hating how they look and picking them thinking it'll go away sooner...) as well as redness too.

I tend to usually get really itchy red cheeks during the week, especially if I'm feeling low or I'm due/on my period. I have a really hard time getting my skin to co-operate with me in general. Most days my skin care routine is usually just wash with warm water, pat dry and then moisturise with a generic cheap moisturiser which tends to not usually moisturise my face how I want it to. And my skin usually freaks out and is even redder so I end up looking like a shocked tomato. Between my eyebrows ends up becoming flaky and makes the tiny hairs in between my eyebrows more noticeable.

I'm hoping ProActiv's deluxe core kit really helps me find a way in which I can manage these problems and give me the confidence to wear my natural skin with pride and not grabbing my make up and hiding my forehead - which is affected by break outs quite often too - underneath my fringe.

Today is the start of my trial! I'll be posting a picture every Sunday for the next 8-10 weeks documenting how my skin changes on Instagram so please make sure you are following me on Instagram to keep up with the progress!

I received this product for free from ProActiv+ in conjunction Sparkle PR in exchange for an honest review. This is only part one of my review of the product. Any follow up posts, tweets or instagram posts in connection with this product are also part of the review and the only compensation I have received is getting to keep the products. All opinions are of my own. If you would like to read more about my Disclosure Policy, please click here.

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