Small Hiatus

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Sorry for the lack of an update, I had to re-install Windows 10 on my computer (new motherboard, cpu - the whole she-bang basically) and even now I'm still re-installing programmes as we speak. I haven't got Photoshop on my PC yet (hence no pretty graphic to go along with this post, but the sea will do right?) but as soon as I'm back on my feet I'll let you guys know.

In the meantime a quick little update about me:

Anxiety had a huge flare up last week after an incident - which I'll elaborate on when I'm back properly - but it seems to have gone back down to a level in which I can manage.

I saw my oral surgeon yesterday for a consultation to have extractions out under general anaesthetic and because I've been at the same weight for the last 6 years, due to an illness (long story cut short: cervical cancer jab + the pill = throwing up for 6 months straight back in 2010 = haven't regained weight since) he is concerned that my ability to not chew properly because of the teeth needing removal is affecting my ability to gain weight so he's put me down as VERY URGENT (i.e the next 3 weeks) and writing to my GP because he is concerned of how little I weigh.

17 days until my fiancé finally moves to England! 4.5 years of distance being kicked in the face! Yay!

Haven't really felt in the mood to be on Instagram (due to the anxiety spike) lately hence why no new pictures - as there's been nothing eventful/interesting to take pictures of and I'm honestly very drained and exhausted from the stress of everything going on in my life right now.

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